Tonight, things BLEW UP on The Real World, y'all. In 60 minutes, Ryan cooked/ate a pet fish, asked to suck his roommates' testicles, stole Percocet and blamed it on Knight (a former drug addict), and went batsh*t crazy! Videos inside.

The episode began with Ryan's disocvery that one of the house's pet fish was dead. So, naturally, he decided to cook and eat it:

Then, Ryan started to act crazy (for the first time in the episode—there were quite a few instances) while traveling in the car (he also later confessed to Sahar that he has "severe" OCD and that his symptoms were acting up more since moving into the house):


Later, Ashlee noticed that the Percocet she had left over from surgery a year earlier was all gone. Ashlee mentioned that Ryan had asked her for one pill before, but that the others should have been there. So, she confronted him about it (and he lied):

After that, Ryan tried to suck the various body parts of his male roommates with a vacuum:


Ryan then decided to get all angry/sexist/pompus/etc. on Jemmye while traveling in the car:

And finally... previously, I mentioned that Ryan had confessed his affliction with OCD to Sahar. Elsewhere in the episode, he made an appointment with a therapist. But, in his true, stupid style, he decided to cancel the appointment:

[The Real World: New Orleans]