Has any legal drug mecca fallen out of favor as quickly as the city of Los Angeles? Just last year, it had 600 legal weed spots. A government crackdown cut that to less than 200. And now, it gets worse!

There were 169 legal marijuana dispensaries left in the city after the latest restrictions. But the city clerk's been scrutinizing those remaining ones for months. Now comes the buzzkill:

Los Angeles officials announced Wednesday that only 41 medical marijuana dispensaries are eligible to stay in business under the city's restrictive ordinance, a number so low that the city will suspend the winnowing process and ask a judge to rule that it is legal.

From 600 to 41 in one year! Amazing work. The city has so many fucking lawsuits to deal with now, though, they'll probably wish they were just like "fuck it."

[LAT. Pic: High Times]