Those who continually tune in to NBC's Saturday Night Live because they like the laughs might find themselves laughing less this fall. According to the New York Times, Will Forte won't be returning for the show's 36th season.

NBC won't address the subject until after Labor Day, when their "official" Fall lineup is announced. To quote the Times,

The departure was confirmed by two people with direct knowledge of the show's planning but who were not allowed to speak on the record because "Saturday Night Live" has not officially announced details of its coming season.

To those who watch Saturday Night Live religiously, this comes as a huge loss. Though Will Forte has been a cast member since the 2002-2003 season, his talent has flourished in recent seasons. His ability to create and stay in completely bizarre characters is something that I admire. There the comedy snobs who will scoff at this and leave comments like "who cares, SNL hasn't been funny since ____ left the show." You guys are no fun! There are many of us who continue to watch. Personally, I consider myself to be a fan of television in general, and as such I watch SNL because it's topical, live, and it makes me laugh (usually.) And regardless if you currently watch the show or not, you will learn to appreciate Will Forte after viewing some of his best clips.

It's with sadness (and hopes that we'll see Will Forte in more TV shows and movies) that we present a list of the Will Forte's must-see SNL clips.

ESPN Announcer Greg Stink

MacGruber (with MacGyver!)

He even did a good job of filling Will Ferrel's shoes in playing George W. Bush

The Falconer

Singing the "Women's History Song"

Doing the "Fancy Pants Dance"

There are countless others... The Organizer, Bon Jovi enthusiast, Father Swimcoach Scoutmaster... Share your favorite Will Forte characters in the comments below and any ideas on who you think will fill his shoes!

Image via Mattias Clamer.