We cannot stop searching for cheesy local/regional TV commercials from our childhood hometowns. You know, the ones with really high-quality production values, classically-trained actors, and demure used car salesmen that only you and the people you grew up with remember?

We bet a slew of your own nostalgic TV ads will come to mind if you really sit and think about them. (Do this while at work – we did!) And when you find those old-timey commercials on YouTube, paste the link in the comments section below, along with any memories you'd like to share, and we'll publish your retro hometown TV commercial on Blisstree! To put you in the proper old-school mood, here are 5 TV gems spanning the country from the ol' days of Blisstree staffers.

Jhoon Rhee Self-Defense (D.C./MD/VA Metro Area)

Eagle Man Insurance (Chicago Area)

Vern Fonk Car Insurance (Seattle/Tacoma Area)

Funtown, U.S.A. (Saco, Maine)

Action Park (Vernon, New Jersey)

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