Former Russian spy Anna Chapman posed for a Russian laddie mag, displaying her globular breasts and startlingly spherical rear end in photos and on video. Then she posted the pictures on Facebook. And now she's getting sued for it.

Animal New York reports that Russian Heat magazine is suing Anna Chapman for leaking photos from a boobalicious photo shoot they did in a trashy hotel room with cheap carpet and ugly paintings. In this behind-the-scenes video from the shoot, the camera zooms in on Anna's boobs every time she bends over at waist. She should consult her chiropractor about learning to bend at the knee. Much easier on the ol' spinal column.


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Apparently Anna posted the pictures on her Facebook page, then deleted them and updated her status: "The new pictures published today in Internet were made for my personal use and people that publish/print/sell those have no rights to them." You may now return to ogling the tits that resurrected the Cold War. Animal NY has more contraband photos, too.

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