Online game titan Zynga just saw its advertising firm hit with cleaning bills and fines for gluing fake money to sidewalks in San Francisco to promote the Zynga game "Mafia Wars." Now, they're doing the same thing in NYC. Scofflaws!

Multiple local bloggers in NYC have chronicled the presence of the fake promotional bills glued to the sidewalks of Manhattan recently. There are so many reasons to dislike this ad campaign! You can dislike the shameless vandalism—the bills must be steam cleaned off the sidewalks. You can dislike the brazen disregard of the law, immediately after facing a backlash for the same thing on the West Coast. You can dislike the very existence of this style of corporate pseudo-"guerrilla" advertising. And/ or you can dislike Zynga's very own existence, for being predatory in general.

NYC The Tumblr points out that investment titan Fred Wilson, of Union Square Ventures, backed Zynga financially, and he might not be happy with crap glued all over the sidewalk of his fair city. Someone run ask him, quick.

[Pic: East Village Feed]