Happy Emmys Weekend! Here's a peek at this year's seating chart. Do you think reveals anything special? I'm just excited that Steve Carell, NPH, and Joel McHale will all be seated together. More TV news inside!!

In TV News...

  • From the looks of this photo, Matt Damon will be back on 30 Rock this season as Liz Lemon's pilot boyfriend! Oh, and Sherri Shepard, too... [Twism]
  • Nicole Scherzinger (from the Pussycat Dolls) will appear on How I Met Your Mother as competition for Robin Sparkles. Meh. [Ausiello Files]
  • Spoiler alert: Top Chef's finale will take place in Singapore this season. [TV Squad]
  • The next season of Little People, Big World will be its last. We can't help but wonder if it's a problem with Matt Roloff's health... [NY Mag]
  • Real Housewives of New Jersey's Teresa Gudice has filed for bankruptcy, yet is going to shopping sprees—is this legal? [Jezebel]
  • Josh Schwartz (Gossip Girl, The O.C.) is the one developing a new show with Kelly Cutrone. [The Hollywood Reporter]
  • True Blood's Carrie Preston on playing Arlene, and what it's like to be married to Ben Linus from Lost. [Movieline]
  • Seven inconsistencies in The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air. [Funny or Die]
  • 10 clips of Jon Stewart destroying Fox News. [Ranker]
  • The poster for House, season 7 makes the doctor seem emotional for the first time ever? [Ausiello Files]
  • There's rumors of a new Jersey Shore ripoff being filmed for Comedy Central. It's called Party Down South and will feature Southerners acting foolish, of course. [The Hollywood Reporter]
  • So, now that Will Forte is out, who's in? Reportedly, Paul Brittain, Vanessa Bayer and Taran Killam will join the cast of Saturday Night Live this season. Now someone explain to me who they are. [Huffington Post]
  • The 20 essential science fiction shows. Guess I have a lot of catching up to do! [io9]

Around the Web...

  • The time has finally come—Blockbuster has filed for bankruptcy. [LA Times]
  • MTV has put up a craigslist ad seeking Williamsburg hipsters for a show tentatively titled I Just Want My Pants Back. [Crushable]
  • Jenny Slate talks about the inspiration for Marcel the Shell with Shoes On. [Pop Candy]
  • Oh wow. Lindsey Weber, thank you for pointing this Boys II Men cruise out. Sounds like a spectacular vacation option. [Boys II Men Cruise]
  • This is handy! How to properly evaluate new twitter followers. [Read Write Web]
  • Another handy chart: every coffee drink you could dream up in venn diagram form based on the ingredients. [9gag]
  • Just in case you want to be Lady Gaga for Halloween, you can buy her costumes already. [Gawker]
  • Why are cats having the worst week ever? How about the live (but tranquilized) tiger discovered in a suitcase? [Best Week Ever]
  • All hail the cabbies: 89 awesome taxi drivers on TV. And of course, Ben Bailey made the list. [TV Squad]
  • Hosting a party for the Emmys? Here's a list of TV-related songs that will be perfect for your mix cd. [Huffington Post]