The Iranian Ministry of Culture and Islamic Guidance already outlawed mullets, but the most recent targets of its anti-Western crusade are much cuter and more cuddly: puppies and kitties. Yes, there is a fatwa against pets.

In June, cleric Grand Ayatollah Nasser Makarem Shiraz issued a fatwa against dogs explaining that according to Muslim tradition, they're "unclean." (Well, they do shed everywhere and you do have to pick up their poop and stuff. So I guess that's kind of gross.) But he was even more concerned that Iranians were adopting furry friends because they were taking a cue from Western culture. "Many people in the West love their dogs more than their wives and children," he explained at the time. (We would hate to say that's true but, well, we all know some pretty fanatical animal lovers, don't we?)

As a result of the fatwa, the Ministry of Culture and Islamic Guidance decided this week to ban advertising that promotes pets, pet food, and other pet care goods. So Iranians can technically still own dogs. They just won't have any clue what to feed them. As for the cats, there's always the bright side to consider: at least this move will cut down on the worldwide population of crazy cat ladies.

[Image via FotoJagoda/Shutterstock]