Last night, 50 Cent let rip a storm of tweets that can best be described as a descent into madness. We already knew he was bad grandson who wasn't happy with our previous post, but—last night—things spiraled downward.

The first warning that this wasn't 50's day came when he tweeted after leaving the gym.

I just busted my ass comin down the steps in the gym...I'm glad nobody saw that shit...lolFri Aug 20 20:29:58 via web

Then the unimaginable happened. His Grandma, apparently unaware of his richness and unwillingness to take this shit, asked him to take out the trash.

I can't belive my grand mothers making me take Out the garbage I'm rich fuck this I'm going home I don't need this shitThu Aug 26 18:56:05 via ÜberTwitter

Though he got all hot and bothered, he obliged his mean Grandma.

I took out the garbage She mad cause I havent been over there a lot I been working my grand father was laughingAnd shit fuck thatThu Aug 26 19:12:48 via ÜberTwitter

He then saw our claim that he was a bad grandson. Uh oh, Gawker.TV is apparently on 50's shit list.

This fucked up man I'm on gawker.comThey sayin I'm a bad grandson I love my grand mom to deathShe was just bossing me aroundThu Aug 26 22:23:47 via ÜberTwitter

As with any fall from grace, there is a period of bargaining, and Fiddy pleads with us to understand.

I really don't like when people call me crazy I'm not crazy I'm special and I don't wish bad on anyone. Learn to love meThu Aug 26 23:19:58 via ÜberTwitter

He then issues a dark proclamation. Nobody show him spell check.

Man when I figure out how to use the spell Check on this motherfucker you niggas in troubleFri Aug 27 05:01:45 via ÜberTwitter

Mercifully, the madness ends, and 50 spares us all. Or at the very least, he spares the poor soul he might've smacked upon going outside.

I calm down I aint mad no more But This shit is crazy I was about to go out side and smack the frist nigga I see on twitter (wop)Fri Aug 27 05:42:27 via ÜberTwitter

Update: In case you have doubts that this was really 50 Cent, his manager and ghost-tweeter have confirmed that all the tweets came from 50 himself. [Necole Bitchie]