Oh, ho: How much do you really like that attractive man in the Old Spice ads? Yes, Isaiah Mustafa's twelve billion-ad onslaught did boost sales. But further review shows you only loved him for his coupon!

A month ago, those who measure things like Old Spice sales reported that Old Spice had doubled its monthly sales after bombarding American with an attractive, shirtless man. But now another set of measurements has emerged for the most recent month, and, guess what, it was all the coupons, apparently. Ad Age reports that in the past four weeks, sales fell by a third from their previous highs. But that's when all those god damn fucking ads were! What happened?

But the prior eight weeks got more impact from two sets of buy-one, get-one-free coupons for Old Spice. The last such coupon expired July 31, leaving Mr. Mustafa and his social-media buds to do the heavy lifting themselves the final eight days ended Aug. 8, apparently resulting in the slowdown.

Once again: money is more powerful than sex.

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