To tweet or not to tweet? That's the decision the American TV viewers will make tonight during the Emmys. NBC will air user-submitted tweets using the hashtag #imontheemmys during the broadcast. Jimmy Fallon breaks it down to Larry King, inside.

During Fallon's visit to Larry King Live, he explained the process of tweeting from home during the Emmys. When Larry King asks what the point of tweeting is, Jimmy replies "fame." Then Jimmy promises at least five twitter followers to those whose tweets are selected and broadcast. Larry's "so this is modern, this is social media...?" response accurately describes the thoughts about twitter among my parent's generation.

[There was a video here]

There's an official Emmy Awards hashtag (#emmys10) but to tweet with the hopes of appearing on-screen you must use #imontheemmys. NBC has set up a handy website where you can pre-tweet at the shows presenters—including Joel McHale, Ricky Gervais, and Stephen Colbert.

And the interactivity doesn't end there! The show will also have a variety Red Carpet streams available to watch online at,,, and An additional camera will be set up backstage during on UStream.

While many of you (myself included) might roll your eyes at the idea of twittering at the Emmys, this is the kind of thing that won the team at Late Night on Jimmy Fallon the Emmy for Best Creative Achievement in Interactive Non-Fiction two years in a row.