In your finally Friday media column: the search for proper media jargon, a Tina Brown-to-Newsweek rumor, the NYT poaches a WaPo reporter, and Katie Couric's future, hinted at.

  • Dan Gillmor is positively stumped as to what to call people in this "new-media ecosystem" who make content, cause they're not really "journalists," you know? As he explains succinctly, "creator of media..."Mediactive" users, not passive consumers, of media..."media literacy" ...trusted media media.." ETCETERA. Let's just call them "jargoneers."
  • Huh: "a source" tells FishbowlNY that Tina Brown, supposedly happily ensconced in Barry Diller's moneyed arms, "has thrown her hat into the ring for the editor-in-chief job at Newsweek." It's theoretically plausible considering her newfound "internet expertise," but...we doubt it. The Daily Beast is her baby. If you care to weigh in on this, email us.
  • The New York Times has poached Washington Post White House reporter Michael Shear. "Mike describes himself as 'an old-fashioned reporter.'" Yep.
  • Jeff Zucker is fueling more speculation that Katie Couric could be returning to NBC after her contract's up next year. She might as well, since her time at CBS has pretty much been a failure. Not your fault, Katie, don't feel bad.

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