They may look like nerds outside of work, but don't mess with Drake Mallard and Fenton Crackshell. By flapping danger in the night and quacking villains in the day, these prevalent superforces of Disney's Duck Universe slate a possible comeback.

The Origin of Darkwing Duck (From Darkwing Duck Episode 01: Darkly Dawns the Duck)

Darkwing may not have the hardware Gizmo has, but his legacy is stronger as he was the duck with his own show, and he is also the only character currently starring in his own NEW comic series "The Duck Knight Returns." The 3rd installment was released this month, and while it isn't that easy to find at your neighborhood comic book store, the complete miniseries is already available at Amazon for preorder.

The Origin of Gizmoduck (From Ducktales Episode 81: Liquid Assets)

Gizmoduck on the other hand had the previous episode of Ducktales devoted to him, and it was an episode that showed up at primetime originally, which isn't bad for an origin episode. He was in several Ducktales episodes as Scrooge McDuck's bodyguard, and even showed up in the NES video game. While GD's not exactly burning up any rumor mills, it is hard to imagine a Ducktales game without him, and the creator of Epic Mickey has hinted that he would like for his next project to be a new Ducktales game.

So is it so outlandish to suggest that maybe by working together these two integral parts of the Duck World could really capture an audience's attention? Surely not... Then again, the following episode suggests it's never been that easy for this pair to get along. But did that stop Batman and Superman from having their own popular team-up comic book series? It didn't.

The Tiff of the Titans