Ambassador's Daughter Falls to Her Death From Manhattan Apartment

The US Ambassador to Thailand's teenage daughter fell 22 stories to her death early this morning, in what was apparently an accident during a party in Manhattan.

Police say that Nicole John, the 17 year-old daughter of Ambassador Eric John, had been partying with friends at meatpacking district club Tenjune, and then moved on to another party on the 25th floor of Herald Towers, a 34th street apartment building. Police say she'd been drinking, unsurprisingly. Details are hazy; but early this morning, a witness across the street saw her open the window and make her way onto a ledge outside the apartment. Says the NYT:

A witness who was at the party told them she took her shoes off before climbing out a window to a ledge outside. When officers discovered her body, they found a camera nearby, leading investigators to believe she might have stepped out to take a picture and might have believed there was a terrace outside the window.

She died instantly. The NYP says that by the time police arrived, the apartment had been cleaned and no alcohol was present.


[Video via WABC]