Venezuelan Politician Holds Boob Job Raffle To Raise Funds

Running for office in Venezuela is an expensive (and dangerous) undertaking. So an opposition candidate in the upcoming legislative elections there, Gustavo Rojas, is holding a raffle to raise campaign funds, and the prize is a free boob job. Clever!

Rojas told the newspaper El Universal that "the raffle is a legal method. We decided on breast implants because we wanted to target a specific public sector." And it's a pretty good idea, considering nearly 30,000 breast implant procedures are performed every year there. Big boobs are big in Venezuela, apparently. On his blog, Rojas announced: "Raffle tickets on sale now: win a breast implant operation for yourself or your partner."

He is running for the opposition Justicia Primero party against Huge Chavez's United Socialist Party of Venezuela. Good luck with that, buddy.


[Image via AP]