The embarrassing part of catching a rare clip of Seacrest in the wild is that I've just outed myself for spending this beautiful afternoon watching 90210 reruns on Soap Net. This admission is worth it for his frosted tips alone.

In all honesty, I arrived at Soap Net while channel-surfing for something to leave on in the background as I prepared lunch. I didn't catch the entire episode, and I know so little of the Beverly Hills, 90210 series that I can barely describe what's going on here.

From what I gathered, Donna Martin (Tori Spelling) must stand-in for her sick pal (Jennie Garth) on some variation of The Newlywed Game. Who plays the host? Ryan Seacrest, of course. The most incredible part of it all is that this episode aired in 2000—not 1995. Also in 1995, Seacrest began his career of hosting. Time truly flies.

[There was a video here]