A new Islamic center is being built in Murfreesboro, Tennessee and this has scared a lot of white people, who think it will become a terrorist training camp. So, naturally, someone doused the construction equipment with gasoline and torched it.

The FBI and Department of Homeland Security are investigating the Friday night fire, which they are calling arson. The local CBS News affiliate spoke with the chair of the center's planning committee, Essim Fathy who said, "Our people and community are so worried of what else can happen. They are so scared."

Last month, Tennessee Lieutenant Gov. Ron Ramsey, who was running for governor but lost in the primary, had this to say about Muslims in America, and specifically the Islamic Center of Murfreesboro:

Now, you know, I'm all about freedom of religion. I value the First Amendment as much as I value the Second Amendment as much as I value the Tenth Amendment and on and on and on," he said. "But you cross the line when they try to start bringing Sharia Law here to the state of Tennessee — to the United States. We live under our Constitution and they live under our Constitution."

That's right. Tennessee doesn't need to worry about a 9.8% jobless rate, the state needs to watch out for the Muslim takeover which is just around the corner. It's no surprise when these things happen, especially when you have men like Ron Ramsey tapping into people's fear of The Other. Good job, asshole.

[Image of Mufreesboro protest in July via AP]

(Thanks to commenter anchower for the tip)