We were all delighted by the incomprehensible racist (?) t-shirt a guy wore to Glenn Beck's "Restoring America" rally yesterday: ""BLACKS OWN SLAVES IN MAUITANIA (sic), SUDAN, NIGER, & HAITI." It appears Racist T-shirt Guy is a minor D.C. celebrity.

Way back in December of 2009, current Gawker staffer Jim Newell posted to D.C. gossip blog Wonkette the picture above, sent in by a tipster. Wonkette commenter Hedgehog made a funny joke about it: "Of course, given weak economic conditions, most blacks these days are strategically defaulting on their slaves, leaving the keys on the kitchen counter, and renting."

Then he turned up yesterday at Glenn Beck's rally wearing the same shirt! So, Weird Racist T-Shirt Guy's weird racist t-shirt is like a jersey: Rain, snow, heat or blinding sun, he throws it on over his weather-appropriate clothing to let the world know he plays for Team Weird Racists.

But who is Weird Racist T-Shirt Guy? If he walks around D.C. every day wearing this shirt, surely some of you must have run into him before. What's his deal? What are his hopes and dreams? Are there Weird Racist T-Shirt Children at home, scrabbling for toys in little weird racist rompers? Does he wear that T-shirt at work? Most importantly: What the hell does his shirt mean?

If anyone has info, stories or other pictures, please email us.

Update: Ah ha! Weird Racist T-Shirt Guy has more than one t-shirt. Robyn sends in this picture of the same guy, snapped near the WWII Memorial back in April. We will call it "Weird Racist T-Shirt Guy Uses Washington Monument for 'Thinspiration'."

Commenter DogsofWar points out Weird Racist T-Shirt Guy also wore his red shirt at the Glenn Beck Rally yesterday, as evidenced in this picture from a Washignton Post Slide Show. He did a costume change!

Which means in this picture, also taken at yesterday's rally, he was wearing his "BLACKS OWN SLAVES" T-Shirt over his "Obama is a Socialist T-shirt". Layering is back, people.

And this guy doesn't just wear his shirt to rallies. He also wears it on the plane, according to one tipster:

Unless more than one of those T-shirts exists, that gentleman was on my flight from Charlotte to BWI on Thursday.

Sorry, that's really all I have to report. He was sitting two rows ahead of me and when it came time to stand up and get off the plane I was first treated to a view of the Shirt. He apparently had some trouble moving his deep thought along to a logical conclusion because the back of the shirt looks exactly like the front.

Hopefully this guy has a whole closet of these things. Otherwise: Ew.

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