On the night of its third consecutive Emmy for Best Dramatic Series, Mad Men got a little postmodern and delivered an episode about Don's Clio and the havoc it brings. Plus, Peggy pushes her new art director.

Tonight's episode wasted no time getting to the postmodern meat; the first scene was a nice meditation on the anxieties and potential uses of winning awards. Maybe there's a little of Matthew Weiner's own feelings in there.


The height of Don's success was mirrored nicely by the beginning of his time at Sterling Cooper. The show had never filled in the gap between Don as used car salesman and Don as creative director, but we finally got the story on how he started in the ad biz. The wide-eyed approach of the young Draper clashes dramatically with bender that the current one goes on after his win. Not only does he lose an entire day (plus his award) and take home a waitress he has no memory of, but he even let slip his real name.


Meanwhile, Peggy - stuck in a hotel room with new art director Rizzo - pushes herself to the brink as well. After being kicked around by Don and not really getting her due for the work she put in to their award-winning spot, she takes all the frustration out on Rizzo by beating him at his own game.