Earlier this year, government prosecutors called allegations of sex trafficking of underage girls "a new low for the Gambino (crime) family." Now, it turns out the sex trafficker in question was also a government informant. Burn!

The NYT reports that the lawyer for one of the Gambinos on trial pointed out that "one of the men running the trafficking ring was a convicted sex abuser who had a cooperation agreement as a federal witness."

The witness began cooperating with the government in 2008, court papers show, while the sex trafficking occurred in 2009. While he was a witness, he acted as the 15-year-old girl's pimp, [the lawyer] said.

The lawyer's trying to get the case tossed because of this, which probably shouldn't work. Just be happy you guys exposed a little shady behavior by the government. Justice is what the Gambino family is all about.

[NYT. Pic of Gambino fave John "Justice for Sex Trafficking Victims" Gotti via]