Today we looked at sad lonely online dating for sad lonely people. Naturally this got you all telling your own stories, with one commenter painting an interesting triptych of women.

From BorderRat:

I have yet to meet the online date who wasn't homicidal. I don't know what it is about the Internet, but there are no sane women online. I'm sorry, but that's the truth.
There was Marie: the 35-year-old who owned a cat, a pitbull and wrote poetry. That alone should have warned me off. Instead I waited for the knife she threw at me.
*sidenote: the dirty sex was incredible. She used to rub her little brown eye on my tip and beg me in a little girl's voice not to put it in. Then she'd cry. (Source: Craigslist, Missed Connections, Laundromat)
There was Liane: Twice, she parked outside my house in the middle of the night, text messaging me to wake me up and insist that I turn my lights on and off in rapid succession because she didn't believe I was home. (Source:, 4/6 qualities in common.)
Jennifer: While on our first date, she pulled out her Iphone and showed me the blog she'd started about her ex-boyfriend whom she'd caught cheating the year before. (Source:, three mutual friends.)

That wins mostly for the lights story.