This got ugly immediately—the girls let some skeletons out of the closet, let loose some hulk-like rage, and cleared up a few of the many rumors surrounding the Real Housewives of New Jersey. Video highlights inside.

Until tonight, there was only speculation as to what horrible thing Danielle could have done to trigger Caroline's reaction during last year's reunion show, and Dina's eventual departure from the series. What allegedly happened is much worse than the petty gossiping that most probably suspected as the cause of Dina's eventual departure.

Since season one, Danielle has exposed her kids to massive brawls, inappropriate sexual conversations, and a variety of bizarre situations. While she defends herself, Jaclyn and Caroline bring to light some sad things that Christine and Jillian have probably fallen victim to.


From the apparent foreclosure of the Giudice home to the auctioning off of their personal possessions-Teresa kept a surprising cool while talking about her financial problems. The fact that Teresa has changed her family's lifestyle and started working (albeit doing appearances) is respectable.

Danielle and Andy also had an unnecessarily awkward conversation about Danielle's current sexual orientation.


At the conclusion, the women weren't much farther from where they started, and next week's conclusion looks even more ridiculous.