Yesterday marked the Late Show's 17 years of existence on CBS. To celebrate, Dave reflected on the swtich from NBC he and Paul Schaffer made years ago. Leno jokes, the Top Ten, and a glimpse at the show's staff ahoy!

As the story always goes when Dave tells it—Paul was "caught stealing white-out" from NBC, so NBC "let Paul go" and Dave "went with him." Suuure, that's not quite how the rest of us remember it, but it makes for a good story. Dave finishes by firing some shots at the competition saying, "It wasn't one of those Leno deals—when I left, I stayed left."


Here's the Top Ten list. If you stick the entire video out, you'll see a quick shot of the 2010 staff photo before the commercial break. Hi guys!

Seeing those yellow sleeves of the Late Show official page jacket is getting me all nostalgic over here...