This weekend finds New York City at the business end of a 2-day long electro-indie dance party courtesy of Electric Zoo. Part of the fun? Major Lazer. Check out their awe-inspiring new video here.

The video is slightly NSFW, but serves to illuminate the moves behind their nearly insane, definitely NSFW video "Pon de Floor".

If their videos are any hint, it looks like these guys are set to rock some socks off—all the way off—this weekend.

Another big act set to take the stage is the Chemical Brothers, who have a stellar, totally SFW and beautiful new video out.

With these heavy-hitters coming out to play, plus scores of other electro-charged dance acts—and 20 food trucks, what??— it looks to be a full, sweaty, sexy weekend. We'll have a recap of the highlights after the show... As soon as we can get up.

Full lineup here!