The inaugural season of Huge concluded last night with its two-part finale. Though the show has yet to be picked up for a second season, it undoubtedly deserves a spot on ABC Family's line up next year.

Initially, I was reluctant to give the show a chance. Given its platform (ABC Family) and its subject matter (overweight teens at a weight-lost camp), I was afraid the show would veer into the cheesy category one too many times. That is not to say that it never did because there were times where I found myself rolling my eyes as the stereotypical jock teased the social pariah, or some other equally stereotypical interaction took place. Luckily, the show wasn't completely bogged down by said cliches. It was often raw and touching when dealing with sensitive topics like weight loss, eating disorders, identity issues, and other issues that affect teens regardless of their outside appearance. (Watch the clip below in which Will addresses Amber's potential eating disorder.)

Huge's perspective is refreshing not only because it showcases a group that is majorly underrepresented on television today, but because it doesn't need to be flashy or preachy to drive a point across. During last night's finale, Will and Dr. Rand poignantly prove this when they had a conversation under the stars. Will asks Dr. Rand, someone who currently attend over-eater's anonymous meetings, what it was like when she was fat. Their interaction in the following clip literally gave me chills.


It'd be interesting to see where ABC Family and Huge's writers take the series as it did end without a resolution or cliffhanger, so to speak. All I know is that this show deserves another go around, and that you should be tuning in if you aren't already a fan.