Today at Gawker.TV, Millionaire Matchmaker's Patti Stanger has a Christian Bale-sized freakout, David Letterman celebrates 17 years on CBS, and Joan Rivers and the Fashion Police deem Neil Patrick Harris and Anna Paquin the worst dressed at the Emmy Awards.

Who Did The Fashion Police Name The Best and Worst Dressed at The 2010 Emmys?
Last night the Fashion Police spent an hour of E!'s airtime tearing apart the clothing choices of our favorite TV actors. Inside, Joan Rivers and company reveal who made their best and worst dressed list—we don't necessarily agree!

Battered German Sideline Reporter Jessica Kastrop Gives Her First American Interview
In an Early Show exclusive interview, Harry Smith interviewed the German sideline reporter who took a soccer ball to the dome. With the clip on a constant loop, Jessica Kastrop explained how this makes a head-shot hat trick for her.

Letterman Celebrates 17 Years of The Late Show With a Top Ten List of Why He Loves Hosting It
Yesterday marked the Late Show's 17 years of existence on CBS. To celebrate, Dave reflected on the swtich from NBC he and Paul Schaffer made years ago. Leno jokes, the Top Ten, and a glimpse at the show's staff ahoy!

Millionaire Matchmaker Patti Stanger Has a Christian Bale Freak Out
While shooting for Elle's September issue, Patti Stanger flips out on the stylist, screaming obscenities such as, "Get your f*cking feelings out of the f**ing room or you're never gonna be a stylist! This is Elle f*cking magazine!"

Weeds: Meet the Botwins Newmans
While we are left missing the theme song, Nancy and the newly-named "Newmans" are left missing their lives of comfort in Mexico.