Warren The Ape's debut season has been hilariously inappropriate—so why not finish off the season with a rock opera about Warren's ridiculous life? Watch him battle his vices, fight robot aliens, and lose his Father—played by Corey Feldman.

Here's a section from the part of his show where Corey Feldman walks on stage. Warren didn't know he'd show up because he was cast in Lost Boys 3 and had quit his role in this production the day before. My personal favorite bit is when baby Warren is being attacked by booze, pills, and condoms. Classy!

Before you begin hating on it, I think the whole point of shooting this in such a style was to be bad on purpose. Regardless, here's the show's finale—featuring a desolate Earth and robots!


Don't worry, folks—Warren survived. A triple-bypass surgery on his sock puppet heart brought him back to life, where he learned that his show was deemed a "success" by critics—in his own mind. Tune in next season... if there is another season!