A young go-getter emailed the heads of most major TV networks yesterday with a pitch for a new reality show. It's about his "cool as hell" friend who's stringing along four guys and should be super-famous. Below: the insane email.

The young man who sent out the email—who we'll just refer to by his first name, Jon, since there's always the possibility someone hacked into his email account—says he moved from Charlotte to make it big in New York. While he's waiting for that to happen (and while he surfs couches in Manhattan and Hoboken), he'd like to make a reality show about his friend Bobbie, a 25-year-old chemical sales rep who's stringing along four rich dudes. The full pitch—and all the excruciating details—is below. Oh, kids and their dreams!

From: Jon [redacted]
Sent: Tuesday, August 31, 2010 4:15 PM
To: [Top executives at E!, Bravo, CBS, Lifetime, NBC, Oxygen, Spike TV, and others]
Subject: Meeting Request: Reality Television Potential

Entertainment Executives,

My name is Jon [redacted]. First off I enjoy your company's work which is why I'm writing to you. I'm from North Carolina and "moved" to the city a couple weeks ago and started working at a media company in NYC last Monday. I say "moved" because currently I am going from couch to couch from NYC to Hoboken until I find a place. The girl that I'm staying with is the focus of this email. Her name is Bobbie and she's 25 years old. What I've seen her do in the last month is so amazing it's something that has to be shared. She has managed to play 4 different men, one being an NFL star, and live the most unreal life anyone could live while still being low profile. I met her at my last job when I worked in Charlotte, NC and she's cool as hell so we're still really good friends. Only friends. But just seeing the craziness in her life is something that anyone would love to see and I know you would feel the same way. This is NOT a joke. Please continue reading.

One of her men is a NFL star that plays for the Giants who she met when she was a cheerleader in college. She is kind of strung out on this guy and she doesn't know why. When she was in Charlotte he would fly down just to have sex with her and fly back up to NY. They've had some times when they were seeing each other for a long period of time but that didn't happen too often. They've been doing this off and on for 5 years and recently they hadn't seen each other because of a big fight they got into before she moved up here 2 months ago. Well the other night she couldn't take not seeing him and texted him and he came over(I wasn't here haha) and they talked and she admitted how strung out she was on him and she wasn't gonna take it anymore. Well they moved to another topic and eventually they ended up having sex. Who knows. Oh, and he lives with his girlfriend and kid. He has more than 5 kids by multiple women. None by Bobbie. Also, they say I love you to each other.

Then there's a 34 year old Asian American VP at Goldman Sachs. This is not her type of guy at all. She loves a big black man who's in shape and has a little thug in him. That's all she's ever dated. So why is this guy in the picture? Because he has spent over $50,000 dollars on her in the last 2 months. When she first got here she went to a bar by herself a few times and got hit on by a few people when she went but wouldn't really give them the time of day. One night this guy comes up to her and she was just like fine, and for some reason said yes when he asked her out on a date. When he came to pick her up he picked her up in a Maserati and she said well maybe I can get used to this. They went to dinner at that restaurant in the city that's high in the air and that floor rotates so you can see all of NYC while you eat. He bought 2 $650 bottles of Champagne during dinner. She has still been "talking" to him but has no attraction to him. He has taken her on shopping sprees and whenever she mentions wanting something he usually has it for her the next day. Louis purses, a $6,000 dollar limited edition Coach purse, 2 pairs of Christian Louboutin shoes, the iPhone, Blackberry Torch and Evo and pay for her lines on 2 of them. She has gotten much more than that but there is a picture attached showing a few of the things I mentioned. The crazy thing is that the only thing they've ever done is kiss. Never past that. She has him on a string and only sees him when she feels like it. And she has other guys to worry about. When I started drafting this email I was at her apartment and she left with this guy to get a massage and go shopping in the city. Attached are a couple of pictures of her getting into his car. She came back with over $1,000 worth of clothes and shoes. I actually like this guy a lot. I had drinks with him the other night because maybe he can help my company in some way because he's very smart and and knows all things digital. He's meeting with our business development team next week.

The third guy is her ex. She dated him and has been best friends with him the longest. Since before college. She still loves him and he loves her and they say it to each other but more like best friends. And he has a girlfriend. Bobbie went back to Charlotte last weekend to party with all her friends(paid for by the asian guy's amex which she is now an authorized user) and saw her ex and he told her how much he loved her and all that stuff. Also that night her and her best friends got VIP at a club in Charlotte and she got so drunk she lost her iPhone and Blackberry but of course she already has another one. She was joking the other day and said I want my husband to be my best friend and Mark is still my best friend after everything we've been through so why don't I just marry him. She was joking but who knows what she was really thinking.

Then there's the guy she met here. He lives nearby in Jersey and she met him around the same time she met the asian guy. This guy is half black half asian and not usually her type but he's a tall jacked dude who's real chill. They hang out once or twice a week and they hook up and all that stuff. While she's doing all this she also has a great job in chemical sales and she's very smart so she doesn't need any of this. She's honestly just a female player and I know of course there will be a lot of haters, but she'll also have a lot of loyal followers who think it's OK what she's doing because men do it all the time. And the best thing is that she's not rich or famous, she just has a lot of game.

There's MUCH more and it's filled with drama and comedy and good back stories. Bobbie and I would love to introduce ourselves to people who work in reality television and speak about the possibilities of making this into something. If you see no potential here then we'll move on, but when you meet her I promise you'll love her. She's a real cool chick but she doesn't take shit from anyone. I've sent this email to a few executives at entertainment companies that I respect and believe may be able to turn this into something great. Like I said, I'd love to work with one of you so I'm coming to you first before reaching out to other outlets. She's balancing this situation really well and the things that are happening and will continue to happen are just shocking and I'm just watching it all. Her Birthday is September 30 and she sent her sugar daddy a list of 26 things to get her leading up to her birthday. It should be very interesting. We would love to share this with you and then with the world. Let us know of your availability in the upcoming weeks and we'll schedule a time to meet. I look forward to connecting!

Jon [redacted]

"The people who are crazy enough to think they can change the world, are the ones who do" - Steve Jobs

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