Do you know who Sydney Dalton is? No? Well, she's a girl who uploaded a video to YouTube of her and her friends ripping Justin Bieber posters from her wall. Now, a crazed Belieber named Hannah has vowed physical revenge.

Here's the video—of Dalton and her friends taunting Bieber fans and ripping posters of the pop star from her wall—that started the firestorm (ignited further by the revelation that Dalton had met Bieber at a concert on Monday night and told him that she was a "huge fan"):


Anyway, after Dalton's video started spreading around the Internet, Bieber fans were up in arms with shocked disgust at Dalton's blasphemous actions—so much so that her name became a Trending Topic on Twitter. Here's one example of the thousands of recent Dalton-related tweets (that has been retweeted hundreds of times):

sydney dalton's FULL name is sydney tracy dalton. guess what her initials are? yes, STD.less than a minute ago via web


Unsatisfied with simply attacking Dalton on Twitter, one girl named Hannah decided to upload a video of her own, in which she tells Dalton, "If I ever meet you in person, I'm gonna hit you in the fucking face with a full wine bottle—cork and all!" among other profanity-laden threats. Watch below:

Them Beliebers be actin' all cray cray!

After Hannah's video started circulating around the web, she—naturally—received some threatening comments of her own. So, in an act of pure, hypocritical irony, she decided to make another video telling all of the non-Beliebers that they'd taken things too far:

In the description box for Hannah's new video, she writes:

i dont like haters, even though i hated on sydney dalton. i will admit i had no right to hate on her, but im just defending justin bieber. i got carried away, i guess. but for those of you who didnt leave a hateful comment, i really appreciate it :)

So, where will the next chapter in the non-Beliebers/Sydney Dalton vs. Beliebers/Hannah war take us? Only time—and proof of the further decline of America's youth—will tell.

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