Tonight's Real World was chock-full of Ryan-related drama. As the house turned on him, Ryan's brother and cousin visited/annoyed. Ryan also lost the car, drank at a drug abuse class, and got sent home by his fed-up roommates. Videos inside.

Early in the episode, Eric had a chat with Ryan and let him know that the roommates were fed up with all of his psychotic bullsh*t. Naturally, Ryan pretended to care but then told his brother on the phone that he didn't give an eff. Hey, speaking of Ryan's brother! He—and Ryan's cousin—visited. If you thought Ryan was bad by himself, observe how he is with two pseudo-clones:

Later, Ryan went drinking with Brother and Cousin for his birthday, but they left the car in the French Quarter and took a cab home—which is good, because nobody drove drunk, but why wouldn't they have thought not to bring a car down there in the first place? Anyway, Ryan drunkenly tried to blame it on Eric:


The next day, Eric and Preston went and found the car themselves, since Ryan slept into the afternoon. That night, Ryan went out again, and—when he came home drunk at 2:10 AM and freaked out about nobody answering the door for him—got into a huge fight with Eric:

Hey, remember when Ryan was caught stealing Percocet from Ashlee and then blaming it on Knight, a former prescription drug addict? (If not, see it here.) Well, the roommates decided to attend a class about the dangers of prescription drug abuse. Everyone was on time except for Ryan, who showed up with a bad attitude—and a beer:

This pushed the roommates over the edge, and they all decided that they wanted to have a house meeting and speak to Ryan about their concerns. Obviously, he wasn't having ANY OF THAT:

So, he stormed out the front door (which Sahar promptly locked):

And finally, after being told numerous times that everyone else in the house wanted him gone, Ryan—and his self-loathing, hypocritical, homophobic, insufferable, disgusting, obnoxious, immature, [adjective] self—walked out the door:

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[The Real World: New Orleans]