What could go wrong with a Pakistani military delegation flying from D.C. to Tampa for a meeting with the U.S. Central Command? How about getting kicked off a flight after being mistaken for terrorists by a scared passenger?

Eight Pakistani military officers were in the U.S. for a meeting at Central Command in Tampa. But, unfamiliar with the American custom that dark-skinned people aren't allowed to speak to one another on planes, due to terrorism, one of the officers said something during the flight. And not just any old thing, about cricket, or whatever. Something... terrorist:

Pakistani officials said the officer, weary from the journey to the US, had said, "I hope this is the final plane to the destination" causing a female passenger, who believed he was threatening the aircraft, to panic.

The officers were removed from the plane, and their trip was later cancelled by the Pakistani government over the incident. But don't let liberal propaganda fool you! Sure, "I hope this is the final plane to the destination," doesn't sound like a threat, but—as you'd know if you knew anything—it's a famous verse from the Qu'ran, from when Muhammad takes RyanAir to Croatia and has to transfer at like a million airports.

And, obviously, the men who were saying it looked sort of, you know, like terrorists. Not the color of their skin, or anything! They just had that... terrorist look. You know what I mean. We salute you, brave, freaked-out citizen, for showing those Pakistanis exactly what kind of country they're dealing with.

[Telegraph via Attackerman]