The Way We Live Now: getting out. Packing it up. Packing it in. Rolling it up. Leaving the market. Leaving the schools. Leaving the food behind. Leaving Las Vegas. Fuck it.

It's kind of funny, this whole debate about "did the stimulus work?" Okay, sure, fine, the stimulus averted another Great Depression. Congratulations. You happy now?

If you are, you're a weird fellow. Because look what we're left with, even after a trillion bucks or so worth of government help. You think this satisfies us? Seventeen thousand more classroom seats in a city with over a million students? Thanks bunches. Might as well just go back to home-schooling. Wheat prices are so high that poor bastards out in Siberia or whatever can barely afford their loaves of bread. Might as well go back to hunter-gathering. Stock market? Flee it. Might as well go back to barter.

Yea, pack it all up on the jalopy and head out to sunny Las Vegas, land of dreams, right? Sorry: everybody's leaving Las Vegas before you can even get there.

Might as well go back to the devil.