Among the pieces of evidence presented in support of California's new anti-paparazzi law—which passed on Tuesday—was this video of paparazzi terrorizing Kate Moss at LAX. Here's the video, alongside the images that landed in that week's tabloids.

At the time, Kate had recently split from Pete Doherty and was rumored to be dating any number of male rockers. (She was even said to be marrying one two weeks prior.)

Nabbing a photo of Kate with her guitar-toting airport companion would have fetched a fair price, and a few photographers got the money shot.

Mostly, though, they just ended up with photographs of other photographers.

California's new law punishes photographers who break traffic laws or interfere with the operation of a subject's car (in the above video, Kate's entourage can't get into or start their van) with up to a year in jail and fines of up to $5,000. [HuffPo, Racked, Images via Bauer-Griffin]