Today we looked at the mighty disaster of a Jan Brewer opening statement. She totally bombed! But it's OK, we all bomb sometimes. A couple commenters shared some fun stories to that effect.

From thebeststrategy:

Dear Lord. That's worse than the time I was giving a presentation in college to a room of about thirty people when the taco I had eaten for dinner the night before decided to exact its revenge on me. I trued to hold in the gas, but couldn't do it and the longest highest pitch fart Ive ever had escaped. The whole class stared slack-jawed while I stood there silently for a good thirty seconds after deciding what to do next.

From samela808:

I had to wing/ad-lib a prayer at my Grandfather's funeral because I grabbed the wrong piece of paper from the car. I didn't realize my error until I was standing up at the pulpit facing about 200 hundred relatives and family friends. Bear in mind, the service was Catholic and I'm Jewish, but I was keely aware that a rousing round of Dredel! Dredel! Dredel! wasn't going to cut it.

To my utter surprise, someone found this funny because I suddently heard laughter. Well, apparently, my inner-masochist seized control of my psyche's steering wheel because the maniacal giggling was coming from me.

Yep, standing in front of the congregation at my Grandfather's funeral, laughing.

Oy, infinium.

Who has another one??