It seemed like love was in the air on tonight's episode of the Jersey Shore. When the roommates weren't too busy screaming at each other over the "anonymous note," they were smooshing like champs... Until the fists started flying.

It all started with Snookie pulling a sneak attack and jumping in Vinny's bed late at night. As we all know, spooning leads to forking and they ended up having sex (and apparently, the unlikely voice of reason is packing heat. Good for you, buddy!).


The division between the women in the house reached a new high. Sammi's anger projection/denial combo drove her away from Snookie and Jwoww and into the eager, lonely arms of Angelina. In keeping true with behaving like an angry 4 year old, Sammi stayed cold, overused the silent treatment, picked fights with everyone except the guy who was cheating on her and officially only became a "sweetheart" in an ironic sense.

With the two girls in the house who no one else can stand finally together, the rest of the crew did fairly well for themselves. Vinny went for the double play and tested the bro-code waters by trying to hook up with Situation's little sister who was visiting the house; Pauly D made out with Angelina (but he was hammered, and he's been there, done that); and Situation pulled a random and used some of the most outrageously shameless tactics I've ever seen to get her to leave immediately after.

But like all things on Jersey Shore, emotions flared at the end of a night of drinking when JWoww and Sammi screamed at each other before throwing punches, pulling hair and throwing each other down on the ground. Another week ended with a blow to the face!


Until next week, kids!