Thankfully, another loudmouth has thrown himself into the Not At Ground Zero Park51 Community Center mix: Ex-convict Bill Keller of Live Prayer. He hates Muslims, and even Glenn Beck! And he's trying to open a "9/11 Christian Center" in Manhattan.

This bizzaro Bill Keller, who allegedly has no relation to this Bill Keller, spoke to the Daily News yesterday, and had this to say about his new plan:

It's not designed to be a place where we preach against Islam, although we will preach against Islam and Mormonism and any other false religion."

So he doesn't hate Muslims, but he does, and he'll even contradict himself in the same breath! But who is Bill Keller and what the hell does he want? According to the Daily News, he graduated from Liberty University, which was founded by fellow xenophobic prick Jerry Falwell, and once served three years in prison for insider trading. Upon his release, Keller became a preaching sensation and now runs Live Prayer in Florida and begs for money on the internet.

Yesterday, Keller posted on his blog about how the end is near, it's time to harvest the Lord's crop or something, and oh yeah, won't you please donate more money?

As our Lord told us, we must work while it is yet light, since the darkness is approaching. Jesus spoke in Matthew 24, Paul in 2 Timothy Chapter 3 about the signs of the last days. Only God knows the exact time and moment, but the signs clearly point to the fact that the hour is near. I want to encourage you today.

He also hates Glenn Beck, who he describes as a "Mormon cult member." Keller likes to talk shit about Beck on his blog, and he even accepts Gold for Souls!

What you donate to Gold for Souls will not only get you a tax deductible
donation receipt for what you send in, but it will pay you eternal
dividends since the funds will be used to help lead this nation back to
God and Biblical Truth and the souls of men to faith in Jesus Christ!

Bill Keller
Founder of Liveprayer Church and

Keller told the Daily News that he'll continue holding prayer services at the Marriott hotel across from Ground Zero until he can beg, borrow and probably steal enough money to open a "9/11 Christian Center" near Park51. Great.

Watch Bill Keller ponder life and death and Jesus. "What happens when you die?"