Politico, the Beltway's go-to sociopath news outlet, has weighed all of Barack Obama's "options" for 9/11 this year and finds "few" good ones. There are apparently some grave political risks for Obama on 9/11 if he doesn't mourn properly.

Choosing an appropriate forum to remember 9/11 is "especially awkward" for the president this year, Politico notes, because of the president's recent very controversial decision to not go fucking insane over a proposed Islamic community center in New York City's Lower Manhattan neighborhood. How offensive would that be for Barack Obama to visit Ground Zero on 9/11, only weeks after he didn't go fucking insane over a proposed Muslim building several blocks away?

Politico breaks it down, in the usual sociopath manner.

No matter where he goes, the president's critics will likely speak out. If he doesn't go to New York , Obama could be accused of dodging ground zero because of the Islamic center. If he does, he risks facing the anger of some Sept. 11 families and New York officials offended by his position.

Why it's a brewing political calamity!

Barack Obama simply cannot win. He could spend 9/11 sitting atop the Statue of Liberty resurrecting bald eagles all day and suddenly we'd be hearing "critics" shouting about how bald eagles are covertly funded by fellow Holocaust deniers in Iran and Hamas and Hezbollah.

[Image via AP]