Associated Content is the Yahoo-owned content farm which churns out highly search-optimized—but barely-readable—articles on such topics as 'How to Find the Right Color Bathing Suit for Your Body Type!' They have a strange, clown-obsessed employee!

28-year-old Williamsburg resident Darnell Witt is Associated Content's senior community manager, responsible for herding the thousands of low-paid freelancers who write AC's stuff. According to the New York Post, he's also a bit strange. Witt has plastered his cubicle with clown-themed paraphernalia, including jars of clown heads and masks. (Also, he uses a yoga ball for a chair and has doll heads tacked to the wall!)

Some deranged Yahoo HR employee decided it would be good to put him right across from the women's bathroom at Yahoo HQ: "Some find him amusing; others are so creeped out they avoid that bathroom altogether," writes the Post.

Witt says: "I see their reactions, and it makes me want to take it over the top."

Yahoo's start-up quirkiness from the 90s has metastasized into aggressive strangeness.

Update: Commenter DogsofWar points out Witt's clown-themed Tumblr,Clown Fancy. OK!