In a coup for experiential journalism, the Daily News decided to follow up on the story of a guy whose hobby is stealing buses by seeing how easy it is to steal buses. As two consecutive reports show, it's easy!

45-year-old Darius McColum was arrested last week for stealing a New York Trailways bus. (It was just the latest in his long history of 'borrowing' public transit vehicles.)

On Saturday, Daily News reporter Mike Jaccarino slipped into the bus depot from which McColum jacked his ride, got into the driver's seat of an empty New York Trailways bus—keys in its ignition—started the thing and flashed a big thumbs up to a Daily News photographer. (Unfortunately he did not actually go anywhere. Lame.)

Then yesterday, reporter Lore Croghan did the exact same thing! Clearly, Trailways employees are not big newspaper readers. But they better get this problem fixed soon, because we can only stand three or four more of these stories before it gets boring.

But we salute you, New York Daily News. Please don't start trying to prove how easy it is to poison New York's water supply.