A new survey on drinking in Britain has revealed some shocking statistics. Would you believe that one third of Britons under 24 "drink to get drunk"? And nearly one fifth of those polled have had a one-night stand? Unbelievable!

The survey was conducted by ICM Research, and asked 2,000 people between the ages of 18 and 24 about their behavior when they drink. Besides the fact that a lot of kids drink booze to get drunk (?!), another third of those surveyed said they believe it's okay to black out and have no recollection of how they got home. The best stat, however, is that one in 25 polled said it was acceptable to be hospitalized after a night of boozing, which we wholeheartedly agree with.

A backer of the study, UK charity Drinkaware, is running a £100 million campaign to raise awareness of binge drinking among young people called "Why let good times go bad?" Among the suggestions on the group's website is an "essential guide to outdoor drinking," that says:

You may be tempted to start drinking alcohol earlier and for longer in the hot weather. But just because you're at a festival does not mean you should have a cider for breakfast.

Staying alcohol-free until the evening is a good idea. Why not think about making the most of the sunshine during the day by having plenty of refreshing soft drinks whilst watching your favourite bands. You want to remember the headliners after all!

With clever suggestions like that, this whole binge drinking problem will be solved in no time.

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