After Louis C.K.'s drunken 'twitter rampage' in which he called Sarah Palin a "C*nt-Face Jazzy Wonder Girl", we were surprised at the little amount of fanfare that erupted when Louis and Bristol Palin appeared together on the Tonight Show Friday.

Instead, they participated in a line dance, the awkwardness and unintentional hilariousness of which rivaled anything Louis has ever done.

Here are some of Louis' tweets.

You can read the full transcript here.

Here is the video of Louis, Bristol, Jay Leno and Mark Ballas (Bristol's partner from Dancing with the Stars) all dancing together on the Tonight Show.

Personally I like to imagine Leno was in the know and he's just far more of a sociopath than anyone expected—making then perform together for his own sadistic pleasures, like some perverse Italian fascist.

But perhaps a larger question is to what extent Louis's Tweets were a stunt, knowing Bristol would be on the show with him and hoping to create controversy. If this was in fact his intention it seems not to have worked so well, as nary a blogger or news outlet has notice the bizarre onscreen dynamic. Perhaps though Louis sees that fact that the incident blew over so easily, as a blessing in disguise, thankful that he avoided being mired in a scandal of Letterman-like preparations. He's mysteriously deleted all the "offensive" tweets yesterday.

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