The Way We Live Now: hoodwinked. And bamboozled! Where is our revolutionary agenda? What do we get for finally electing a Manchurian Candidate-style socialist Muslim to the presidency? Business tax cuts! We are disappointed! And fearful!

So we open our papers this morning and what do we hear but "Obama to Propose Tax Write-Off for Business." For business! Run by The Man! Not even compatible with Sharia law and the ten-point plan of the Black Panthers!

Disappointing, to say the least.

Perceive and overstand the situation we find ourselves in. Besieged on all sides. The rich are doing fine. Hell a guy named "Diamond" just became CEO of Barclays, which says it all. Really says it all. They have no competition. The labor unions are busy with car wash guys in L.A. Meanwhile, our Japanese brethren are all working two jobs. They're no help at all.

So where are we to turn? As the "economic elite" tell us that there's no need to worry about a double dip recession, we're off trying to land a day labor gig to make up for this single dip recession.

And our president's stone cold giving tax cuts to the businessman. If it isn't time to start going into the suburbs and stealing lawn ornaments and selling those lawn ornaments on Ebay and using the proceeds to buy food, then I don't know what time it is.

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