Luther Campbell, of the once-controversial rap group 2 Live Crew, has some deep thoughts on the "Ground Zero Mosque" he would like to share with everyone in his latest Miami New Times column. He even Googled Islam!

Campbell, who is better known as Luke Skyywalker, became famous in the late 80's and early 90's after 2 Live Crew released the controversial record As Nasty As They Wanna Be. The record was ruled "obscene" by a court in Florida and banned, but the ruling was later overturned by the Supreme Court. Now Campbell, the beneficiary of laws protecting freedom of speech, has something to say about the proposed Park51 Community Center in Lower Manhattan. Here are some highlights from his insightful take on the controversy, titled "Ground Zero mosque idea stinks":

The cleric responsible for the whole thing, Feisal Abdul Rauf, has been sued for mortgage fraud, his tenants have complained about bed bugs, and he has overly close ties to local officials in New Jersey.

Can you believe it? That sketchy imam behind the "victory mosque" is guilty of unleashing terrorist bedbugs on his tenants. And, uh, he's hooked up in New Jersey. So yeah, we really need to look into this guy.

President Obama was dead-ass wrong when he said he was OK with the $100 million development. He took the middle-of-the-road approach when he said we have to tolerate other religious views in a free country. I am not with that. Hell, no.

Yeah, fuck the Constitution. The Supreme Court bailed out 2 Live Crew over an obscenity ruling because Campbell is a God-fearing, Christian American man. Not some ass-slapping, misogynistic terrorist.

The terrorists attacked us, and they got us into two wars where American men and women are still being killed.

Those fucking hijackers and Saddam Hussein were plotting this thing from the days when 2 Live Crew sort of mattered in the early 90's. Or maybe not.

Muslims don't need to explain their religion to Americans. We can go online to find out about Islam.

Because everything you read on the internet is 100% true. That's a fact.

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