Ellen Degeneres presented last night's Top Ten list and detailed what's been on the comedian's mind as of late. Topics included Jane Lynch, American Idol, Portia de Rossi and regret over allowing Paris Hilton borrow her purse.

[There was a video here]

1. Man, my wife's hot
2. Why did Dave go on The View? What's wrong with my show?
3. Only 318 more days until Shark Week
4. Damn you Apple for releasing the new iPod right after I bought the old one
5. Nachos
6. I never should've let Paris Hilton hold my purse
7. I can't believe I only have one season left to get tickets for Oprah
8. For the last time, I'm not Jane Lynch, I'm the other one!
9. What's the point of quitting American Idol if Randy keeps calling me?
10. Now that everyone knows I can dance, I should show them how well