Today at Gawker.TV, Larry King and Ryan Seacrest perform Lady Gaga's "Poker Face," Ellen Degeneres announces the Late Show's Top Ten list, and Tim Gunn expresses his distaste for Condé Nast and the people who enable Anna Wintour.

Tim Gunn Defends His Statements About Anna Wintour and Condé Nast on The Daily Show
The always-dapper Tim Gunn discussed everything that's wrong with Condé Nast and the people who "enable" Anna Wintour. Just because he can't believe the fashionista let herself be carried down five flights of stairs doesn't mean he's attacking her character.

Ryan Seacrest and Larry King Perform Lady Gaga's "Poker Face"
When Larry King appeared on Ryan Seacrest Live, the radio host asked Larry to join him in a rendition of Lady Gaga's hit song. After the jump, watch what might be the worst (best?) cover of the song to date.

What are the Top Ten Things on Ellen Degeneres' Mind?
Ellen Degeneres presented last night's Top Ten list and detailed what's been on the comedian's mind as of late. Topics included Jane Lynch, American Idol, Portia de Rossi and regret over allowing Paris Hilton borrow her purse.

Louie Season Finale is Surprisingly Sweet
Last night was the season finale of Louie, one of summer TV's unexpected gems. The show came to a close as Louis faced his greatest alienation yet and realized where he truly belongs.

Interview With John Boehner Touches On The Most Pressing Matter at Hand: His Tan
Ohio Congressman John Boehner wants the White House to focus not on what he's saying, but on top priority issues facing our country. So what does Good Morning America's George Stephanopoulos want to discuss? Boehner's bitchin' tan!