Although it was more like Spies Like Us rather than Spy Game, there was plenty of action going around. Bullets were fired, things exploded, and the show's unofficial couple finally took a step forward in their rocky relationship.

After last week's introduction of Declan Rand, a better and way richer version of Shawn Spencer, our favorite fake psychic detective is a little down in the dumps. However, there's a new girl in town that just may be what he was looking for. Played by Franka Potente of Bourne Trilogy fame, Nadia is a spy that seeks Shawn's help in clearing her name going off the grid.

Meanwhile, Juliet is shacking up with Declan and looking forward to a fabulous Italian vacation. She isn't the only one who's getting some action as Shawn is practically propositioned by Nadia during a midnight rendezvous. In the end, the day and the girl is saved thanks to Shawn's deductive talents.


Once all the action had died down, Shawn's back to pining over Juliet. After the rendezvous-turned-sting-operation, Shawn unwitting makes the long overdue confession of his feelings. There was only one thing left for Juliet to do. Finally, after four seasons of missed chances and unresolved sexual tension, Shawn and Juliet finally kiss!

Unfortunately, she's still going to Italy with Declan and Shawn seems to be letting her go without a fight! What's wrong with these people that so obviously belong together? We'll have to wait until November when the Psych comes back to find out.