On CW's La Femme Nikita remake, a rogue assassin sexily seeks revenge on the agency that betrayed her, but unlike her previous incarnations she has some help from the inside. Sex, drugs, and gun fights! This show's got it all.

First off, leading lady Maggie Q deserves some serious credit for being dedicated to her craft. She does all of her own stunts in action shots and Nikita is definitely full of those.

In this version of Nikita, we are introduced to the title character long after she's escaped the clutches of a mysterious shadow organization. On the streets at a young age, she was sentenced to death for murdering a cop and then given a second chance by the morally ambiguous "Division". Having been off the grid for years after the death of her lover, Nikita returns to take her revenge and to free all the other involuntary recruits of the organization.


Some familiar characters are back in the form of Michael, Nikita's former trainer and potential romantic interest, and Amanda, the Division's psychologist and master manipulator. Considering that this version of Nikita focuses on her life after she has escaped from the organization that betrayed her, additional characters and twists are bound to be introduced.

New recruit Alex shares a similar past of drug addiction, but with one very important distinction: she had help getting into the Division from none other than Nikita herself.


Even with a bit more character development, I don't see it lasting as long as its predecessor, La Femme Nikita, but it may at least make it through its first season.