The great minds over at Geekosystem put together 17 instances of resident bully Roger's laugh on the beloved Nickelodeon series, Doug. As you'll notice in the video, every time Roger laughs, the exact same sound byte is used.

And no, the years that the show ran on ABC's One Saturday Morning don't count— are you crazy?

The breakdown of episodes is below:

S1 E01 - "Doug Bags a Neematoad" (once)
S1 E05a - "Doug Can't Dig It" (three times)
S1 E10a - "Doug's Runaway Journal" (twice)
S2 E03a - "Doug's Secret Admirer" (twice)
S2 E03b - "Doug's On TV" (once)
S2 E08b - "Doug's Big News" (once)
S2 E09b - "Doug Wears Tights" (twice)
S2 E11b - "Doug Goes Hollywood" (once)
S3 E04b - "Doug's Big Brawl" (once)
S3 E05a - "Doug's Huge Zit" (once)
S3 E10b - "Doug's Nightmare on Jumbo St." (once)
S4 E10a - "Doug's in the Money" (once)