If you've never seen this two and a half hour epic of Barbara Streisand glory, then today is your lucky day. If you have, you can't say no to a "Papa Can You Hear Me" singalong on a Sunday afternoon.

Seriously, Yentl is Bah-bra at her finest, playing the bookish daughter of a Talmud teacher who educates in secret, as their conservative 1904 Jewish European community bans female schooling. Once her father dies, Yentl takes matters into her own hands to continue getting her knowledge—by pretending to be a boy. All is hunky dory until Yentl falls in love with a fellow student, played by Mandy Patinkin, and the woman who he loves falls in love with (you guessed it) Yentl. Love! Learning! Cross-Dressing! Judaism! It's no wonder this movie cleaned up at the 1984 Oscars.

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