This week we went from summer into fall. Fall brings new movies, new TV, new everything. Until everything turns cold and dies. Before that happens, let's look back at this week.

Joe Francis really enjoys doing terrible things to women. He'd better not try that shit on the increasingly wonderful Peggy Olson. Or on the feral, violent warrior women of New Jersey.

Maybe Joe should turn his attention to men, who are all fat and have dishonest pants? If Minka Kelly found out her pants were lying to her, she'd have a major freakout. Other things Minka Kelly freaks out about:

Excited for fall? Take a look at our Fall Previews. They're all you need to enjoy the season! Well, a lot of money would help you go to all the movies and buy the music and stuff. So.

If you need money, maybe you could catch and sell an enormous fish. Or you could become an online hooker.

Just whatever you do, don't cross Minka Kelly. Otherwise this could happen to you.

OK, that's it. Happy weekend!